DIY Prom Dress

Prom is one of the most memorable times in high school. Getting dressed up, finding a date, renting a limo–all of these things when added up can become  quite expensive. Unfortunately, unlike a lot of the girls at my school, I did not have the financial luxury of buying a $500 dress, so my mom and I decided to make our own. Not to mention because of my small frame, it’s very hard for me to find dresses that perfectly fit. We based our design on this one dress I found at


We bought a pattern and material at JoAnne’s for about $84 with coupons. Gotta love moms who save up all the coupons until the very last minute!


Then it was just cutting, fitting, fitting, more cutting, and beading! Fitting was pretty tedious, since my mom had to cut it from a size 10, then slowly scale it down to my small size. I guess I’m considered “tall,” even though I’m only 5’4″…..


My mom worked extremely hard. There was some issue  with the pattern instructions when she had to turn it inside out, so she ended up having to unsew it and hand-sew the bottom. Just be careful if you decided to use this pattern or when buying future patterns. Here is the finished product! For the beading, we just used random glass beads and mostly sequins we found around our house. I guess it is a good thing my mom has hoarded all these craft supplies throughout the years. My mom hand-sewed all 117 beads while I helped her design and place them.


I also decided to hand make a corsage/boutonniere and garter (those things that are traditionally worn at weddings haha). Same thing, we used mostly random materials from our house. We did buy fake flowers though, since I didn’t want to worry about watering. Plus, I am able to keep my corsage forever! Total cost for corsage & boutonniere was $14! If you want to learn to hand-make these, there is not really a “tutorial” we used. We just kind of played around with it and adapted other ideas from online. Definitely check out YouTube for Tutorials though!

flowersProm was a great experience and it was so worth making all my stuff. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having the same dress as someone else! My favorite part of prom was the food (we had a buffet and chocolate fountain :3) and taking professional photos. I’m not much of a dancer, so I pretty much ate for 5 hours. Below are some of the professional prom photos we took. Pics were taken by Angie Wang, a yearbook photographer at my school, and my lovely friend Evan Wu. I recommend taking as many nice photos as possible so you can look back at them and smile. Hope you have a fun prom night!!!

37017_559291047426279_178024064_n 58136_10200633292822446_1527464841_n 389118_557788767576507_392563370_n 417871_10200633293222456_81125454_n 577577_559291220759595_1638517046_n



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