Japan Day 1: SFO✈️NRT

I woke up at 6:30 AM to leave for the airport at 8 AM thanks to a church family friend because my mom is too scared to drive to the airport. I could only sleep around 4 and a half hours that night because I was too excited and I was busy talking with my roommate who is in China, but I was full of energy anyways. Made it to the airport super early at 9 even though my flight wasn’t until 12:40, so I had to wait until they opened the counter at 9:40. The ANA staff were super efficient and polite and everyone lined up in front of the counters and bowed simultaneously when they opened the counter.

Found the gate super easily and just trolled around for a few hours. There aren’t that many shops or things to do in the international terminal, so it wasn’t that entertaining. I just decided to charge my phone and listen to music on YouTube since I accidentally erased all my music on my iPhone the day before because I’m dumb and didn’t know that you can only sync to one computer iTunes library. 😑

Boarding was supposed to start at 12:15, but started earlier. I ended up being on the airplane by 12:25 so not bad at all. I’m pretty sure airlines just adjust the times and start earlier to get better ratings.

erall the flight was good. The plane wasn't completely full so I had an empty space in between me and the person sitting in the aisle seat. She started talking to me really fast so I had to explain that I'm still learning Japanese. She still continued to speak very fast but was super nice and even made sure I was okay when I was picking up my baggage.

This was my first time flying ANA internationally and I was pretty impressed. I personally think Singapore is still the best, but both ANA and Jal come pretty close. The food was good and so was the entertainment, but not quite as good as other airlines. However the service was on par, as I expected it to be. I watched Get Hard (super weird movie but definitely not as good as Ted) and Cinderella.


The flight was only 10 hours. I remember it being 12 when I first traveled to Japan, so maybe they improved technology? I went through customs and immigration fine, and found my host and her older brother who drove immediately.

We went grocery shopping and then to some festival where kids performed and sold food. It was so hot and humid so we left to eat ramen. The photo below showcases some children singing “Let It Go” beautifully (just kidding, some kid started yelling).

at her house and I will relax. The house is super nice because it is new construction. She also has a dog that I will play with and walk. The family friend I'm staying with also has a son who is the age of my older cousins who will take me around after he gets back from Hokkaido. Today I will lounge around and relax!


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