Japan Day 2: “Relaxing” Day

Yesterday was supposedly relaxing but we ended up doing a lot of things around Chiba which I’m happy about. I think I’m getting better at speaking and thinking in Japanese. I’m not too worried about all the kanji and really really hard vocab because I will learn that in school–however I do not speak that much or use colloquial talk in school because we learn and translate really formal language. 

I woke up really early because I slept 9 hours. Then we went for a walk with Paro-chan in this really nice park that’s huge called Aoba no Mori 青葉の森. We will have a BBQ there today!


 There are wild cats in the park haha.

We returned home and then went to a small shopping mall called Ario アリオ before visiting her father at his assistant living home. The bus that we took is a free bus that the mall members pay that takes you to many places. Super convenient! I didn’t buy anything really because I want to wait until I go to Tokyo, but I did end up purchasing these face masks that I like for only 100 Yen each! That’s less than $1!  

 They had cool UFO catcher games, and this one had Ted!!! Didn’t bother though. 

   Look at the kitten I saw in the pet store! It was so cute with its t-shirt and it was just sooooo little. 

 Also saw a hedgehog at the pet store, but too bad these are illegal in CA.

After an hour when the bus came, we went to the assistant living place. It is so much nicer than the ones in America. There are restaurants, swimming pool, clubs, etc. and the older people there aren’t just staring at nothing. My grandma’s place in the U.S. is nice, but definitely different than the Japanese homes. I think it mostly comes down to service because the staff are always smiling and never complaining. We ate lunch there and they were shocked that I thought it was so good. 

Then we took another free bus to the planetarium which is basically an IMAX/interactive science museum for kids. I saw a super depressing film about a dinosaur whose mother died and he was the last one on earth…all the mothers were teary at the end of the film.
After that it was sorta rainy, but I had an umbrella so it was okay. However, it was sorta small so my host bought one at a supermarket. Unfortunately it stopped raining after she bought it so now she has another umbrella to add to her unwanted collection…

We also went to Chiba Shrine where it was very pretty! 

I think after that we went to the PARCO department to kill time before the next bus. I saw some cool stores, but I didn’t buy anything. I saw a cool Lolita store that they also have in San Francisco, but the lady said we couldn’t take pictures. We snapped one accidentally. 

We went to the bottom floor and went to a 100 Yen shop because she had a gift certificate. I got some stuff as souvenirs. The shop’s name was super weird–it was Can Do. I also saw other weird shop names such as “Alphabet’s Alphabet.” It is funny that they are trying to make English names.  

 Today’s haul. I found more alpaca stickers, nail polish, cute onigiri keychain for someone, and hedgehog paper for Eunice lol.

At the end of the day we just ate udon for dinner at home, went to back to the festival, and walked the dog once more. Looking forward to today’s adventures! 


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