Japan Day 3: BBQ Time

The day started out slower which was nice because I got to relax. We went to a nearby drugstore to look at makeup and stuff. Everything is cute but I didn’t buy anything because I’m saving money for when I go to Shibuya on Wednesday. Also I’m picky about makeup so I’m hesitant to try Japanese makeup because without recommendations.  

 Then my host’s friend came early to drop off vegetables so I got to practice speaking with him. It was super hard because he spoke to me like I was a Japanese native speaking very fast and using hard vocab so it was difficult for me to understand and respond. My host speaks slowly and uses easy Japanese and also knows English so I can communicate well with her. If I have to talk about something hard, I can use Japanenglish lol. But it was good practice and I need to learn how to have complex conversations, such as today when he was explaining science experiments his students did. 

Around 12 the family that we had a BBQ with came. Paro-chan was very happy and was so energetic. The BBQ was awesome and they brought SO much food. SO MUCH. I think it was beef, oyster, more beef, corn, lettuce, and melon. The park is so nice and lively, even though the day was super humid an hot. 

Paro had so much fun and got lots of leftover food scraps and got to go to the dog park. I ran around and she chased me and also jumped over people’s backs. I enjoy living with a dog very much for now. 


 This little dog kept trying to sniff Paro haha

This park also has cats!!!!! So many cats! I wish I could come here every day and pet the cats. They are all so small and skinny and one I saw even has a closed eye. 😦 I wish I could adopt them all and start a cat cafe to fatten them up.  

After the BBQ we returned home and hung out for awhile talking. I did my best but it is so tiring trying to understand. I will try even harder tomorrow. The night ended nicely as we talked about girly stuff and took Paro to the park for a night stroll. 



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