Japan Day 4: Going to Museums Because It’s Too Hot Outside

I thought the weather was okay yesterday, albeit still humid, but we tried to stay out of the heat as much as possible and go to museums and other such places. We first went to a community-type center with a concert hall that was awesome. I wish America had such community concert halls, but it would probably cost a lot to build one. We saw two groups perform and they were so good–one clarinet quarter and two men playing guitar. My favorite songs that they each played were the Totoro medley and 君をのせて from Castle in the Sky. 

Since the concert hall was in the same park that we’ve been doing all our activities in, we took a stroll through the park. There’s this small nudism and bird-watching place, but no birds or other animals were there because it is just too hot. I guess I will have to return at a better time, probably around spring. Too bad I can never go to Japan during another season because I always have school. Next year will be the first time I can go to Japan in another season when I can study abroad for a semester! 

The one long stop we made was in a giant museum in the park (they seriously have everything here). The museum had exhibits about animals, geography, history, etc. It was funny because my host kept asking me how to say this and that in English because she loves the outdoors and nature but I would always laugh and say I didn’t know because I honestly never really go outside intensely or talk about gardening or animals at home. I am a “city girl” she says haha.  

 lol my arm looks like it is losing muscle because I haven’t lifted weights in so long sigh 😦 When I start school again I will get my gains back!

   Chiba Kun, the prefecture’s mascot, that is a “dog” 
After the museum we returned home in the heat and I had about an hour conversation with a neighbor who is 17 years old. It was fun speaking easy Japanese about school and stuff and I could pretty much understand everything she said because I remember vocab from when I went to a Japanese high school. I showed her videos of my school’s dance show and she was so shocked because the dances are so sexy and revealing. They would never do stuff like this in a Japanese school! The conversation went well and I will see her again this week. 

Today I will go to an onsen so that will be super relaxing! 


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