Japan Day 5: Spa Day

Yesterday was a super long and relaxing day because we got to go to an onsen/spa place with my host’s friend. We went at 10:30 AM and stayed until like 4PM. It was so great that I can’t wait to go to the Korean spa place that’s similar in Los Angeles.  

When you get there, you take off your shoes and store them in this locker. The people at the front give you a bag of towels and a uniform that all the guests wear. Then you go into your respective changing rooms (men and women) and change completely out of all your clothes into the uniform, or you can change out of all clothes completely and go into the gender-specific onsen. 

We first went into this sauna thing that is co-gendered where you wear the uniform. The room smells strongly of something and the walls I think are made of special stone and/or salt. I really don’t know but it was pretty relaxing and I thought it would be uncomfortable laying on the hot ground, but it was pretty nice. They played funny music in the background haha. We also went to another similar sauna except layer down on the giant Mongolian salt crystals. I have no idea how this is supposed to help you but it does?? Maybe sweating and absorbing the salt will help you? My skin did magically feel better after all this but I don’t know…

There were other saunas also but you go in them naked. They were soooo hot so I couldn’t sit in them that long. The rest of the onsen baths were awesome! There were five kinds and I can’t explain them because they each have some fancy thing from nature put in them.

After the baths we dried off and went to go relax in giant chairs with TVs before we ate lunch. I had a very nice nap and the atmosphere was just so calming.  

I wish I could have went in the baths more but my stomach was hurting, so I decided to just wash TV and sleep more. 
After the spa we went to the Ario shopping area again and bought some dinner and looked at pets again. I saw more kittens and a puppy that looks like Paro. If I had more money, time, and space, I might consider getting a dog that matches my cat because I am enjoying living with a dog. But I still like cats more haha. 

Yesterday was great and today was so much more hectic, but I’m too tired to blog more now. 


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