Japan Day 6: Shinjuku, Harajuku, Tokyo Station

So yesterday was a big adventure because it was my first time taking the train alone. I don’t even use public transportation really at home so I was super nervous about getting lost because I am extremely directionally challenged. But surprisingly, it was okay; the only really difficult parts for me were changing stations and finding out which exit to go out of at the station.

I met Miyako in front of Shibuya 109 around 11. It’s basically a huge shopping mall with extremely cute and fashionable clothing items. I wish I bought more but I was afraid of spending too much money because I still have two weeks here. Anyways, the summer sales are awesome and I will take a picture of what I bought later because ain’t nobody got time for photos. Everyone should head over to Liz Lisa because right now they have a sale where 4 items become a total of 12,000 yen and I think a cute case is included. Should have bought that but didn’t want to spend so much. ;______; why 

We also ate lunch in the building at a cute cafe. We weren’t feeling really hungry so we just ate shaved ice that was so good! It tastes like a pillow in your mouth. I think it is very comparable to Blockheads in LA. 

After Shibuya, we took one stop over to Harajuku to shop at Takeshita Street. The street is so compact filled with stores some cheap and some expensive. There are so many foreigners there so most shopkeepers understand some English. It was also extremely hot so I think I got tan. We were very thirsty but still not that hungry so we ate shaved ice and brick toast in another cafe haha. 

Also can’t forget about Purikura! There’s like this underground place filled with Purikura where all the young girls dress really cute and do their makeup, which is kind of pointless to me because the machine already “perfects” your skin and body lol.  

After Purikura we went to Shinjuku again to find a karaoke place. Miyako is really good at singing hehehe. We stayed there for two hours before I had to go by myself to Tokyo Station to meet with Hana. Thanks so much Miyako for taking me around! I can’t wait to study abroad next year so I can come to fun places like this! 

We went to eat dinner at a fancy building near Tokyo station. The Italian restaurant was very comfortable and romantic. You could see the pretty building lights from the view. Too bad it was “too windy” to go outside. 

Thanks so much Hana for dinner!! I was able to go back to Chiba station by myself. However, from Chiba station to Keisei Station I got a little lost. When I got on the train, I thought it would go two stops to my destination, but it stopped at the next stop so I had to wait awhile for the next train.

Overall I like the train system and will try again someday. I need to practice directions and being uncomfortable I guess.


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