Japan Day 7: Karaoke Twice in a Row

Wow the days are going by so fast. I’m going to be going to Akita soon! While I’m super excited to be going to Akita on Sunday, it will be sad saying bye to the people I’m staying with now because they are also like my Japanese family since they have known by Grandma for so many years. Luckily I will hopefully be coming back next year, so I can take the train and visit everyone. 

Yesterday I hung out in the morning with a neighbor girl who is 17. I helped her with her English, but unfortunately I cannot explain English grammar in Japanese. I actually don’t even think I can explain most English grammar at all…this is why I did so poorly on SAT.

After talking, two older ladies came and taught us how to make makizushu. I thought it would be similar to how my mom makes it, but no. It was so much harder because they made 祭りずし which is special sushi for festivals and whatnot. I am so bad at making sushi…I seriously need to learn to cook better LOL. But it turned out okay in the end. 

I also forgot to mention that before the sushi making I had lunch at a maguro place nearby. We decided to eat that and save the sushi for dinner when my host’s brother and daughter would be joining us. The maguro was so good but I get full so easy these days. I’m not sure why; I think whenever I’m in another country I just eat less because it is hot so I drink more than usual and I get full from liquids. It is good because I’ve been losing water weight. I’m not trying to lose weight, but excess water weight on my tummy actually really hurts me and my digestion so I feel a bit better now! 

Dinner with the family was really great because I was able to understand most of what was going on. It is nice to talk to younger people in Japanese sometimes, also. We were all giving my host’s niece advice for college and wishing her luck since she will take the entrance exam soon.

After dinner I went with my host’s son and his childhood friend to karaoke. I love karaoke so much I think I could do it every day. This karaoke place doesn’t use Joysound, but it was still fun! The place also had unlimited ice cream haha.  

I’m really enjoying life in Japan right now and am so thankful and blessed to be surrounded by people who care for me and who are patient with me because I suck at Japanese. From now on when I learn a new word I will write it down and study it. I need to work harder because it is ridiculous that I’ve been studying for 5 years but still sometimes struggle talking about things everyone should know. 


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