Japan Day 8: Too Much Delicious Food

I’vd been writing super slowly because the days are just so full that I get so tired and fall asleep quickly at night. I wish my days in America were like this where I would go to bed happy and tired because of all the new and editing things I did, but one can’t live on vacation forever I guess (challenge accepted).

In the morning I again met with my 17 year old neighbor. This time instead of just talking, we played board games together. The first one was so cute; it is a game like LIFE (actually I wouldn’t know because I never have actually played Life lol), but with Tamagotchi. I used to love Tamagotchi, but it is just so hassle some to take care of it. Maybe I should download an app… 

We also plays a nostalgic and called Guess Who? It was good because we played in Japanese so I could practice. I feel like I can say a lot in Japanese when I type, but speaking I blank out a lot. Sigh

For lunch we had leftover sushi and soba, and then we quickly headed over to some other station in Chiba which is where a movie theater is. We bought our tickets early just in case that movie time was full. Japanese movie theaters are interesting because they have reserved assigned seats. 

Since we bought the tickets early, we killed time by going to several department stores. It was fun and one place even had Liz Lisa, but they didn’t have that special sale like they did in Shibuya. It is okay because I will be going to Akita tomorrow so I need to save money. We also saw more cats and puppies at the department store (why do they always have cute pet stores).  

 Saw these stuffed animals at Loft. Completely blanked on what they are called, but they are super cheap. I think in Japantown in SF it would be like $35+, but here the big one was only like $20 or less. My host thought it was super interesting that I like cute random things like this.

For the movie, we saw バケモノの子, or the Beast and the Boy. It is basically about a boy who hasn’t been raised by his parents, so one day while wondering the streets of Shibuya he finds a mystical world of human-like beasts. The animations are beautiful and the story is cool. 

Right after the movie, we went to a nearby Italian restarant for a 女子会 (girl’s outing) with my host and her two friends. They both understand basic English, so I could pretty much understand what they were saying to me in Japanese. They were both so nice and I enjoyed the dinner very much, although it was so much food. I think it was about 5 courses. It is funny that this time I am not eating very traditional Japanese food but a good variety like at home. 

On the way back from the restaurant I saw a stray cat so I just had to pet it. I miss GiGi.  



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