Japan Day 10: HND✈️AXT

I can’t believe I am in Akita now! It is very nostalgic! I woke up this morning as usual to Paro greeting me by jumping on me and licking me. I will miss her so much. 😦 It was super fun living with a dog. 

My host took me to the train station and then followed me to the Airport Limousine bus place. We said good bye and were both sad because it is like we became family. I will probably see her in Akita again so that will be good. The bus ride to Haneda was about one hour and a half, and as usual we passed by Disneyland Resort. I’ve passed that place so many times yet never get to go. Someday!

At the airport it was sort of troublesome because the e-ticket I printed out couldn’t work at the self check in kiosk because it was for international use only since I bought it as a special fare for foreigners. I asked an ANA worker in Japanese and he said to just get in line at the baggage check in and have them check in for me. I was so nervous because it was crowded and my flight was going to leave in an hour and a half, but it went well and I stressed for nothing, as usual. I waited at the gate and ate this 1080 Yen lunch. 

The plane ended up being a bit delayed, but that’s okay because I got to ride on a super cool plane for the first time with an awesome design. I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but oh well.  

   Flying over Akita
When I arrived I immediately recognized my host mom. We went back to the house and then later picked up my host brother from his basketball tournament, then all went to a nearby festival with my host dad. The weather is so much nicer than in Tokyo area because it is not as hot. I still miss Chiba, but I am having a lot of fun with my family and the not as humid weather is a plus! 

We ate dinner at the festival and I ate meat, udon, yakisoba, and kakigori. It was just the right amount of food. I think it has been so hot here that I have been drinking a lot more than at home, so I don’t feel as hungry. I think I’ve lost about 4-5ish pounds of water weight, but I am losing muscle tone which sucks. Anyways, these next two weeks will be great and tomorrow I will go to a cat cafe!


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