Japan Day 9: I am Directionally Challenged 方向音痴

My last full day in Chiba yesterday was super fun and hot. I helped out at my host’s English class and it was very fun. She teaches adults basic conversational English and for two hours they basically asked me questions about America in Japanese and English and I tried to respond in easy English and Japanese. I really don’t know much about my own “American culture” because it just becomes normal to me that I don’t really care/pay much attention in my daily life I guess.

Right after the class I went to the station to take the train to Shinbashi, which took about an hour and a half. It was easy and going there I did not get lost. However, from the station to the BBQ place I got a little lost. Luckily the station at wifi, otherwise I don’t know what I would have done. Even if you don’t have wifi, if you first get wifi you can use wifi maps and as you move away it can still sometimes see your location despite being connected to a hot spot. 

 Lol Naruto

The BBQ was super fun. Everyone was really nice to me even though I am only 19 and everyone else is like in their early twenties. They were all shocked that I was 19 because I look like an adult 大人っぽい. I definitely do have an old looking face and I guess I dress a little more old. There were also some people there who wanted to practice English so I was able to converse with them.

After the BBQ only about 7 of us headed to Sumidagawa via Asakusa for the firework show. However, because it was just so crowded and hot, I decided to leave early by myself. We walked around Asakusa area and found a Starbucks to relax in. I wanted to try the peach frappucino but they ran out because there was just SO MANY PEOPLE.  

 Now getting back home was a little tricky. I sort of got lost from the Starbucks to the station, but when I did find the station, I went in the wrong entrance and had to wait like 5 minutes to get out to go into the correct entrance for my train. After I found the train, I didn’t know you have to change trains, so I was confused when everyone got off the train. I asked the station worker and he said I was on the right platform for the next train. When I finally got to the station I knew I had to transfer at, I was still confused if I was truly at the right place, but I followed my heart and got on a familiar train line. Still wasn’t sure if I was going in the right direction, so I got off at a station to check, and it turns out I was going the right way all along!  
Chiba has been so fun and I will miss the people and the dog I have been staying with dearly. I will probably be able to see them next year, so that will be awesome. ❤️


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