Japan Day 11: Cats Everywhere

I have never seen so many cats in one day before. Today was awesome. At around 11AM, we went to pick up a friend and her daughter (same age as my host brother) to go to a cat cafe. The cafe is called Forest Cat and it is a little out of the way in kind of like a “forest.” It is such a small cute cottage cafe. 

    I will miss the green when I return back to California.
There are 13 cats and they are confined to a small, narrow room. I thought it would be super crowded, but they all each had their own sleeping place. They even had a glass bridge thing high up near the ceiling that the cats could climb up to. I wish I could have one of those for GiGi. 

 This one is sleeping in a glass platform.

You can go in the cat room and take pictures/pet the cats for 30 minutes for 500 Yen, or 15 minutes for 200 yen. I think I stayed in there for around 15 minutes. I felt bad because I was the only one that went in because kids under 12 are not allowed because apparently some kid accidentally poked a cat’s eye while playing with it. However, there were two cats that wanted to sleep in the main area so we could all pet them.

I ate spaghetti for lunch and it was super delicious, but I was so full. I really like Japanese Italian food haha. I also bought some dangly cat earrings that have these frilly string things that look like a broom lol. 

After the cat cafe, we went to a nearby bookstore that was entirely dedicated to cats. The store was small, but also featured other cat things. The mother of the girl was so nice and bought me a very cute cat stamp. I can’t wait to use it when I write letters. 

The store was so hot, that we wanted to go somewhere cool. We ended up going back to the friend’s house and chatted for a bit while the kids played. They have two beautiful cats at the house. So many cats today!   

I think we stayed at her house for an hour and then returned home. I took an hour nap while my host brother went to English cram school–he is doing really well! After my nap, I watched my family practice for the Kanto Festival. Everyone was super good and I’m excited to see it for the first time.

Tonight after our delicious dinner, as a family we played the Bean Boozled Challenge. I got my host brother this gift because it seemed like something someone his age would find amusing. I have been super curious about it, but we only did two rounds because it tasted so horrible. Seriously, don’t do it. I mean do it, but you will probably die. We cheated and had water and spit it out. I was able to eat skunk spray, but dog food was just horrible. Just no. Tomorrow we will do two more rounds. Oh my gosh.  



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