Japan Day 12: I Suck at Darts

Wow today I spent a lot of money. Okay, not that much considering I have been shopping many times so far this trip and still have a lot of cash and money left, but still…lol but it is okay, because I have bought very special items that I will treasure. I think when I get home I should clean out my college of clothes from junior high that I never wear anymore. 

I slept in this morning and then hung out with my host mom at the Akita station while my host brother went to cram school. He said that he enjoys it, so that’s good. We ate at a small cafe and it was a perfect brunch for me. 

We went shopping a little bit around the shops and I bought two things. The first thing was sandal/wedge shoes to replace the wedges that broke last year. The only thing is that my ankles are really skinny so I have to poor new holes in it when I get home so that the shoes will fit. They were only about $20! I bought shoes from the same store two years ago and I should probably wear them some more, but they are really heavy to walk around in because they are creepers.

I also bought this intense skirt for like $70 lol. This store has a Disney collection and a I bought a skirt with an Aristocats pattern with music notes. It also has a huge bow on the back. Cats and music–a purrfect skirt.

After his cram school we returned home for lunch. I love 冷やすラーメン. I wish there was a recipe for a sauce at home but oh well. 

After lunch my brother had yet another cram class, this time English, so we went to the station again and killed time while his class went on. After his class, we went back to a department store because there was this new store featuring his favorite basketball anime show. While they were at the store, I shopped a bit on my own and bought awesome Japanese underwear. American brands are alright, but because of my size I prefer Japanese brands lol.

In the afternoon there was also Kanto practice. It started to rain suddenly so practice was cut short. 

At night time we all played darts together and I learned that I suck at darts. It was really fun, as they have this cool game that uses a phone app to keep score. The losers had to eat more from the Bean Boozled challenge. I ate baby wipes, which really wasn’t that bad, and lime (I escaped grass). I wanted to try grass because hey, it is just plants, but I got two limes in a row. My host brother tried dog food and it stunk up the whole room. Don’t eat canned dog food. 



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