Japan Day 13: Robbing a Bank is Hard and Making Fake Money is Hard, Too

Yup, the title says it all. That’s what I learned today. End of blog. 

This morning I went to the Akita Bank for a tour/info session about how they make money and what the bank’s purpose is. It was geared for elementary school kids so I could understand some of the talk, but a lot of the history and vocab words were still difficult for me. It was very interesting! 

 So here I’m holding what would be equivalent of 100 million yen. It wasn’t extremely heavy, but pretty heavy if you were to try to hurry and steal a bunch of those. So props to people who successfully rob a bank because that takes talent. I think I will stick to GTA heists and until I get pro at the game, I’m going to just live off of minimum wage.  

 My face on the 10,000 Yen bill. We went through all the cool features of the bill and how hard it is to copy. There are holograms, holograms that light up under UV light, small letters that say “Nippon Ginko,” 3 bars on the right side of the bill if you hold it up to the light, etc. Basically, don’t try to copy money. If you do and if you end up being successful, well congrats because you seriously did your research. 

Japanese money is also ridiculously clean. It goes through a process of being thrown out if if gets too dirty. Meanwhile in America while money is probably more dirty than your toilet.

At the end of the presentation, the presenter taught the kids about saving money and that everything in life costs something. They say that parents will spend about $160,000 on their kid from age 0 to 12. So life lesson: existing is expensive. Another thing: I don’t want kids. Hahahahahahaha

After the bank visit we quickly had ramen for lunch. The place we went to was a very small place but super crowded because apparently it is very popular. 

 Shoyu Ramen 

The most exciting part of the day was going to the beach after. The weather was perfect and the water was wonderful. I didn’t stay in the water that long because I’m not a fan of beach water too much because the salt makes me itchy. I mostly relaxed on the sand and later ate ice cream. 


   At the beach there are these restaurants/huts where you can leave your stuff and eat in. One of the owners had this dog that was super interesting. I’m not really a fan of bull dogs or chihuahuas, but this dog was a mix of both and was nice enough. It didn’t really seem to like me, but it really likes my host brother. While he was eating shaved ice, the dog begged for some. Seeing this dog made me miss Paro and how she would always come to me when I called her name. I like Border Collies. 

 After dinner we played another family game. This one is a nostalgic one where you try not to make the marbles fall. Well, I suck at games and lost once again. I ate one more jelly bean and got spunk spray again…

Tomorrow I will get my nails done! 





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