Japan Day 14: Pretty Nails

I’ve decided to quit life and become a hand model for Japanese nail designs. Just kidding, but it was super awesome getting my nails done with my host mom. It was my first time getting a super pretty design, so I was super excited. I shall come back to this place again because they will seriously do any gel design for you with any stones for around $50. Most other salons charge you per stone and whatnot. Sigh…I wish I could always get my nails done like this.  

 My middle finger has my initial on it 

 The salon was so relaxing, unlike the loud nail salons in the U.S. They take you upstairs to a room and give you cold tea while they do your nails. 

  My host mom’s nails. The lady drew a goldfish on it for a cool summer design!
After our nails which took like one hour, we picked up my host brother to eat at an Italian restaurant.  

Right after the quick lunch, I relaxed in a physical therapist’a office while my host brother got his massage because he has shoulder pain because of basketball. No sooner was Kanto practice again. Apparently I will walk with them in the festival even though I can’t actually do anything lol…how kind of then.

We had to go grocery shopping so we went to a big discount store. Why my mom was buying stuff, we played at the game center. 

For dinner we went to a karaoke place and stayed for 3 and a half hours. This place is the best ever. They have free rentals of any props, maracas, costumes, and hats.  

My host brother at first was so shy to sing, but eventually got comfortable and sang the same songs like three times haha. My host mom is so good at singing and can sing enka. I will probably go to karaoke again today! 


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