Japan Day 14: Another BBQ, More Karaoke

I woke up early this morning because my friend, Ash, who was also a YFU study abroad participant in Akita, picked me up from my house. We went to his university and picked up stuff for the BBQ. Because of college life, the BBQ started late at like 12 inside of 10:30. The BBQ was held at a near park and was super fun. This is the third BBQ I’ve participated in since I got here; I haven’t really ever had BBQs in the U.S. LOL.  

 There was so much food. At first it looked like there wasn’t going to be enough meat, but they bought so much including yakisoba and other vegetables. I actually was pretty full after the BBQ.

Ash’s friends were super nice and everyone pretty much spoke English and Japanese. There were people from all around the world and people who were part Japanese. I wish I could speak another language naturally, but unfortunately I only learned Japanese starting from high school. I think the only way I can ever really be “fluent” in another language is if I live in that country where it is spoken for an extended period of time. Oh well… 

   We used so much water at this BBQ. They put the drinks and fruit under the water and kept in running to keep it cool. My California-drought mind kept thinking that was crazy, but they said that it is very hard to waste water in Japan. Whatever you say…we had a little fun with the water because it was so hot. I got tan just by sitting under the sun a few hours and with sunscreen. Sigh 
After the BBQ it was back to karaoke for another 4 hours. This is my 4th time going to karaoke this trip. We went back to the same place as yesterday because it was just so great. Other people were supposed to come, but everyone else was busy so it was just us. 4 hours felt like nothing and I could have sung much longer to be honest. 

 Our scores were so bad this time….this machine is super picky I don’t know.

 So this happened…in the words of Ash, “How drunk do you have to be to want to use these costumes?” Well, apparently not at all since we chose the creepy lamb mask that smelled.

My voice is sort of bad right now but I had so much fun. I’m sure tomorrow will be filled with exciting things as well! 


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