Japan Day 15: I am Soba Master 

We went to a community center yesterday from 11AM-1PM and took a class on how to make soba from scratch. The process was super fun and not as extremely complicated as I thought.

Whenever people cook in a communal setting, you change your shoes into special kitchen shoes and everyone wears an apron and bandana over their head. I did the same thing when I did cooking class last time I studied abroad.

We started with a big bowl and a pre-made mixture of flour and special soba noodle flour. I don’t think they sell the special soba flour in the U.S., so that means I can’t make the noodles from scratch at home. 😦 

Then you mix the flour in with water slowly with your hands. 

   Watching Sensei be a pro
After mixing in all the water, the dough becomes more compact and then it is time to knead it. It wasn’t that hard to knead it and the texture was fun to touch. You have to spread the dough super thin. 

After the dough is perfectly rolled out, you fold it and cut it with this epic knife. That’s another thing; I don’t have the knife so it might be hard to cut the noodles perfectly. 

I’m surprised the noodles turned out perfectly sized because cutting was difficult and my hand hurt after. After you cut it, you pretty much just put it water and then you are done. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of the end result. 

After everyone cooked their soba, we all sat around and ate our creations. It tasted so good. The instructors made a lot of soba so there were extras for everyone. They also cut up nori and green onion to put in the sauce. What a great lunch!  



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