Japan Day 16: Aeon Mall

I met one of my friends at the Aeon Mall at around 11:45 yesterday. I took the 11:30 free shuttle bus from the station to the mall. I wish we had free buses like that in America, but I don’t think it would be practical on a mass scale because our country is too big and people already don’t pay their taxes lol. 

Anyways, the mall was super fun and I surprisingly was able to understand everything that she said. It is probably because we spoke about easy things like life and school. I can have easy conversations like that, but I can’t yet have deep intellectual conversations where I express my inner emotions yet in Japanese haha.

  There was some karaoke competiton that was going on at the mall. It was so epic. They had the sound system, giant TV screens, and karaoke system. “Everyday” people competed and I’m not sure what the prize was. I love karaoke and totally would have tried but it seemed so legit and intense so I was like no thank you. I remember reading that Hamasaki Ayumi was discovered at a karaoke competition and then from there her career took off.
We shopped around a bit and then ate lunch. I didn’t buy anything big because I think I will just save money and online shop when I get back home. I will come back to Japan next year so I can buy more stuff later I guess lol. I don’t need need that much stuff anyways. I only bough eyelashes and earrings. We also did Purikura and I attempted a claw machine but lost 1500 Yen. I was so close and I acted desperate and the guy even moved it in an easier position and I couldn’t get it. 😦 I want my host dad to help me next time since he is so pro. I saw some kids on the way back with my prize that I no doubt helped them get since I moved it in an easy position.

   Zaru udon and shrimp tempura 
 Soft serve 

I returned around 3 because we were tired and our feet hurt and she has to prepare for cram school for the rest of the summer. So happy I could meet her! Maybe I can see her next year when she enters college.

I hung out at the station for a big by myself and drank the amazing peach frapuccino (how do you spell that?). SO AMAZING. 10/10 would drink again although it is like 610 yen. Why doesn’t America have this????????!  

My family couldn’t pick me up until 5:30, so I decided to exercise and walk home by myself. It is almost 2 miles, but I was wearing comfortable shoes so it was all good. I didn’t get lost at all and remembered the way from 2 years ago. Go me!  

   Look at the pretty scenery. 
That’s all for now….


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