Japan Day 18: Karaoke Master

I met another friend yesterday from when I studied abroad two years ago. We walked to the station together and first did two rounds of Purikura, then ate Italian food for lunch. I seriously have eaten Italian food in Japan so far like 5+ times.  

   View of the station from the restaurant
After eating lunch, we headed to karaoke for 3 and a half hours. I think I’ve done about 15.5 hours of karaoke so far since coming to Japan. We can check that goal of going to karaoke off the list! I really like Japanese karaoke partially because of the price; in America it is easily like $10 per person per hour, but in Japan they have an option of “free time.” Free time is unlimited karaoke time until a certain hour, usually like 11PM or so. I think I paid a total of 1000 Yen per person for at least 3 hours all the times I went this trip (not including food). That’s amazing! When I went to karaoke in the U.S. before coming to Japan we went for 4 hours and it was $45 a person….

Japanese karaoke also has pretty decent food. Can’t order food in America karaoke places.  

 I got brick toast because brick toast is life. Very good, but I still think FTB makes the best brick toast. Can’t wait to get boba in LA very soon. 

After karaoke we had to go home because the festival was found to start soon. The festival was amazing as usual and my feet didn’t hurt as much because I found places to sit. I still can’t seem to take amazing photos; I think I need a better camera to do that. Oh well! Today apparently I’m helping play taiko so we will see how that goes… 



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