Japan Day 19: “She Doesn’t Even Go Here”

In the morning I went with my host brother and mom to a Game Center to try and play those claw machines. I need to do a better job of studying the machine and pushing the prize instead of grabbing it. Thanks to my brother, he won me a small Olaf stuffed animal. Finally got a prize!

Two days ago I had the privilege of participating in the Kanto festival by playing taiko! It was super random–my host mom handed me the drum sticks and taught me the simple rhythm by practicing on the sofa. At night she handed me the costume and helped me get dressed. Super exciting! 

There are two people playing taiko at the same time. The person on the right does the basic base rhythm, while the person the on the left does the offbeat rhythm. The left one was too hard for someone to learn on the spot, so I just did the right one. It was super tiring and two days later I am still sore. I played on and off for 3.5 hours; what a great arm, shoulder, and back exercise! At first the “she doesn’t even go here” feeling was there, but everyone was super helpful and welcoming. I am so grateful. 

After the festival we went out to eat again. I had curry rice and it was very delicious! We’ve been eating out late and getting home very late, so it will be nice to eat regularly for these next few days I’m here. I will be so sad to leave, but happy when I think back on the good memories I’ve created. Perhaps next time I can stay longer and practice with everyone else.  

    Takoyaki we ate before the festival 


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