Japan Day 21: Picture Lantern Festival 絵同窓

Sorry I’ve been lazy with my posts and pictures lately. I haven’t really taken as many pictures as I probably should because I’m just enjoying the moment and can’t be bothered to take pictures of everything.

Yesterday we went to Don Quixote ドンキホーテ discount store. It is basically a ginormous store with individual shops as well as a grocery store, beauty section, clothing, etc. Basically everything you need in life and more. It is kind of like Costco except not really but it is crazier and no free samples. Should have taken more pictures but I was too busy shopping. 

I didn’t spend too much money there; spent about $30 on souvenirs for me and my friends. Mostly bought food snacks in larger quantities because it was basically a couple of bucks for a huge amount. In America it would be like $5+ but in Japan it is cheap. I have no idea how I will fit everything in my suitcase but we will see tomorrow when I pack. I also played some claw machines and lost, but won a cute mini bunny for 100 yen!!!

At night we drove an hour and a half away to Yuzawa for another festival. There are pictures of pretty Japanese women dressed in traditional clothing on lanterns. It was so beautiful and I wish I could have some of the drawings for my dorm room.  


We couldn’t really take good pictures of ourself because it was just too dark and we only have jank cell phone cameras. Still the festival was amazing and another day well spent in Akita! 



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