Japan Day 23: Last Day in Akita :(

Yesterday was my last day in Akita. I’m sitting at the airport eating McDonald’s as I write this, trying to kill time because my boarding time isn’t until 3 hours. 

We woke up early to drive to the northern part of Akita, which I haven’t been to yet. It was so nice that everyone had the day off so we could all spend time together. The drive was about 1 hour to the first place. We went to a small traditional village that used to house samurai and important people of that nature. It was super cool and even more interesting because some of the family still lives there. Part of their house is a museum, and they live in the private part. It must have been pretty interesting living life as a samurai/high class person back then.  

 Backyard of the house we visited 

The village is known for making stuff out of Sakura tree bark. Everything is so pretty but really expensive. A small hand carved case is easily over $100. I found a small cat shop and bought a cheap cat stuffed animal filled with lavender smelly stuff. I will put it in my dorm to replace my old air freshener. For lunch we had cool, thin udon with a bit of Sakura plant in it. I didn’t really like the taste because I wasn’t used to it was quite strong, but super interesting. 

After the village we drove a half hour more to Lake Tozawa, which is apparently the deepest lake in Japan. It was so beautiful, but the weather was just too hot. My host brother played a bit in the sand and on the lake, but I stayed in the shade. The best part was riding a boat and standing outside and despond the wind blow against you. It was so beautiful! 


On the way back there was this small Akita Inu exhibition. Don’t worry, they are someone’s pets and they take them out to play with them. It was very hot so they were all sleeping. I really wanted to pet them because they were so fluffy and cute. I want a big dog that I can pet and lay on, but I think my lifestyle is more suited for cats lol.  

Driving back didn’t take as long as expected. We went to kaiten zushi for dinner! It was so amazing and the chefs were super nice and even gave me special sushi because they said I am from America. I enjoy sushi, but I wouldn’t call myself a sushi fanatic nor do I care to know too much about the special kinds of sushi. I just eat what is in front of me and enjoy it! 

This has been another fantastic Japan trip. I am so blessed to be able to travel here so often and to have relationships with people here who genuinely care about me. My ultimate motivation to get better in Japanese will be so I can communicate better with my loved ones. Time to go back to school now! 


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