Road Trip Day 1: Alamere Falls, Point Reyes Shipwreck, Chimney Rock, and Cypress Tree Tunnel

Last week some friends from college and I went on a three-day road trip. I was a bit hesitant to go on this trip because I 1) get carsick really easily 2) am not used to traveling with friends and 3) not that fond of nature. Number one was easily taken care of by taking 24-hour non-drowsy Dramamine, so I didn’t get carsick at all thankfully! The reason for number two is because I’ve always traveled with people my parents’ age or older; being an only child has made me have an affinity for adults I guess. Plus, I’ve had some negative experience traveling with friends in the past. And number three is just because I’m a spoiled girl who is not adventurous and not used to nature, but it was good to get out of my comfort zone! With all these things settled, I took a leap of faith and joined my friends because I wanted to spend time with them since I won’t be seeing any of them this summer or in the fall because I will be studying abroad.

My friends drove up from LA the day before and stayed at my house. We left the house at 8AM and drove about 3 hours north to Alamere Falls. Right before we reached the trail we stopped at this little nature cliff stop to look at the scenery.

Photo by Jea White

Alamere Falls is an 8.4 mile hike with a giant waterfall that flows into the ocean at the end. The number 8.4 scared me because I am no hiker at all. However, the weather was super cool and it the trail was relatively flat. We kept comparing it to the horrible Avalon hike we all did last summer on Catalina Island–this trail was so much more pleasant than that! On the way you pass some nice lakes, with the most notable one being Sea Bass Lake. I unfortunately lost my earrings right by this lake. Oh well…

Sea Bass Lake

We read online that it can get super crowded but we were lucky that hardly anyone was there. The end of the trail is super narrow and it can be difficult if there are a lot of people. There is a sign that takes you to the falls that has heavy graffiti on it that apparently some people may miss, so you have to be aware otherwise you might accidentally go pass the falls.

Photo by Eunice

Photo by Jea White

After the falls, we went to Point Reyes Shipwreck. It is this little photogenic gem behind a supermarket in this little town. Apparently they will take it down soon because someone used firecrackers to make the photo more pretty and ended up burning half the ship. You better go see it soon because the photos just look so great.


We also ate some lunch in this small town (forgot what the town was called). Everyone stared at us as we entered the restaurant and we reasoned it was because they probably have not seen an Asian in a long time. After eating, we went to Chimney Rock, another nature sightseeing place that was about 30 minutes away.

Photo by Jea White

The reason why they wanted to go to Chimney Rock was because it looked really cool in photos. On the internet, overhead shots were taken (probably from a drone) that made it look like water was on a cliff. In reality, it was just the ocean and a lake separated by the “chimney rock.” It was still cool to go to because it was very peaceful and you could look at the sea otters. However, we learned that you shouldn’t always base where you want to go on your road trips by how pretty the photos look online; most photos are taken by professionals with professional equipment and then later edited.

After Chimney Rock, we went to the Cypress Tree Tunnel which was also nearby all these places. I was excited to go here because it looked photogenic in pictures. The tree tunnel is part of a radio station’s property, but it doesn’t look like it is an open radio station (or is it?). We got there at sunset so the sun would glow in the tree pictures. I don’t think our cameras quite captured the magic glow we were looking for, but it was still nice.

Photos by Jea White

We ate peanut butter sandwiches in the car for dinner and then drove off three hours more north to some beach. We then slept in the car at was an interesting experience. But I can say we made it out alive!


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