Road Trip Day 3: A Day in San Francisco

We slept in and were supposed to drive up to Reno, but I think we were all pretty tired. Also, if we drove to Reno then they would have to drive back to my house on Saturday and then drive down to LA all in one day, which is too much driving for one day. So we decided to drive about 4 hours south to San Francisco, spend the day, and then sleep at my house. I was glad that we wouldn’t have to spend another night in the car.

We first went to the Land’s End Trail. I had never been there before despite having grown up in the Bay Area. It was very chilly, so I had to dress in layers that weren’t the most fashionable. The trail went by the beach and you could see the Golden Gate Bridge. You could also see whales and dolphins in the bay if you looked closely. I think it was good that the weather was chilly, because this trail is quite hard. Harder than the majority of Alamere Falls in my opinion. There are A LOT of stairs so you will spend a good portion walking up or down. We didn’t hike the whole trail since we got tired of hiking.

Taken by Jea White. Ignore my not pleasant looking face–I didn’t bring any makeup and when everyone was putting on makeup this morning, I used my roommate’s and it didn’t quite match my skin. I also didn’t contour or do my eyebrows or anything, so my eyebrows are practically gone in this photo. Makeup really does make a huge difference!

Taken by Elizabeth. Some stones in a circle maze down by the beach.

Photos by Jea White

My roommate really wanted to go to Chinatown since she is studying Chinese and interested in Chinese culture, so we decided to go there. Thank goodness we found parking in the crazy San Francisco. Shout out to her for driving through all the craziness! Before we went to Chinatown (where I didn’t take any photos), we ate lunch at Sushiritto. Sushiritto is exactly what it sounds like: sushi rolls in a “burrito,” or more like a giant hand-roll with nori (seaweed). I got the Sumo Crunch which was $10 and had shrimp tempura and other salad-like things in it. It was so good! The place is a bit expensive though, but the proportion is good. I only ate half because I was full and I gave the other half to my parents when I got home. You can tell the place is super typical California food because it is expensive, sells bottled water and other “exotic drinks,” and looks pretty for instagram and other social media. I’m not sure I would come back again because of the price, but definitely something to try once.


Chinatown after lunch was nice. I haven’t been there since elementary school when I went with some of the other girls (“China girls”) that we used to have yearly reunions with who were in my adoption group. Chinatown is very crowded and there are so many shops. I like some of the unusual and unique things there, especially the stores that have intense sculptures and figurines that rich people put in their homes. I want to buy some one day and put them all in the room and make my visitors stand in that room and get intimidated.

After Chinatown we were going to go to Japantown, but it was getting late and we wanted to see the sunset at Twin Peaks, another place I had never been too. It was so chilly and so many tourists were there. We got some nice photos and my friends enjoyed the view using binoculars, so it was a good time had by all.

Photos by Jea White. Twin Peaks view–ignore by bad fashion. I promise my fashion will improve in my summer blog posts coming up in about two weeks!

After Twin Peaks we drove to a Sky High trampoline park. I felt bad that no one else decided to jump, but I was so grateful to have friends that celebrate my limited gymnastics skill and who are amused at watching me jump. It was a little expensive and I probably won’t go there again because the trampoline is not springy enough to do many gymnastics tricks safely (plus little kids running around), but I was glad to finally experience it.

We got boba and spent the night at my house and they all left for LA the day after. The road trip was definitely an experience that I was so blessed to be a part of. I have amazing sisters in Christ and I think I definitely found some of my future bridesmaids (if I ever get married that is). Can’t wait for my next adventures to come within the next few weeks! I hope I am well prepared for what awaits me…


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