Gyoza Dinner

Yesterday was my first full day in Japan. I woke up at 4AM and then went back to sleep until 8AM. I’m trying not to get in the habit of sleeping in too much even though it is still the weekend. 

In the morning I did my best to shop for some necessities. I went to the station department store and found a small 100 yen store. The supermarket there was a bit expensive, so I didn’t buy anything. There is a mall behind the station as well as more shops, so I will check that out later this week.

Luckily I found another supermarket not far from the apartment that is super cheap and looks like a discount store. The only thing is that they don’t have too much selection and no produce, so I will need to find another supermarket for that. I’m not sure I will do much cooking here since there’s not too much space and I still don’t have a pan, but I think I can make do by going out and getting meals at the convenience stores. I just need to make sure to eat vegetables and fruits. 

In the afternoon I went to Harajuku to meet with a friend from college who lives here. The walk to the station is only like 10-15 minutes and it was nice outside.

I’m proud that I got there all by myself without getting lost. There were a couple times when I doubted the train I got on to because I wasn’t sure if I was going in the right direction, but it all worked out.

We ate at a very famous place called 原宿餃子楼. So many people come here and it always has a line out the door. The wait was like 20 minutes. You can order 水餃子 (steamed) or 焼餃子 (grilled) and there is 6 pieces for 290¥. Very good deal! You can also order different sides. It was a fun experience and they all speak English because so many tourists come. I can’t wait to explore Harajuku more when I have time. 




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