I arrived safely in Japan yesterday afternoon on June 3. I will be here for 9 weeks because I am doing an internship in Tokyo. 

I left for the airport at 3:30am for my 6:15am flight. The line to check in luggage was a bit long, but I didn’t have to wait at all for security. The flight to Vancouver was only about 2 hours. The Vancouver international terminal is very nice and reminds me of a mall. I stayed there for a 5 hour layover.

From Vancouver to Narita it took a little over 8 hours. I flew Air Canada all the way for the first time because it was the cheapest airfare I could find for about $1200 round trip. I was super hesitant to fly because it has horrible service reviews online. However, the service and plane was pretty good. The seats were wide, food was sensible, flight attendants nice and bilingual, good entertaibment, and they have cool windows that tint when you press a button so the sun doesn’t come in. 

The only thing about Air Canada is that they have an annoying rule that you can’t put on headphones during take off and landing except if they are plugged into the plane so you won’t miss any critical information in case of an emergency. I understand their reasoning, but it is interesting because no other airline I’ve flown has that rule. Air Canada also strictly enforces their one carry-on and personal item; if your carry-on looks too large they will force you to put it in this thing that measures it. I think that part is good because it is super annoying when people bring huge carry-on because they don’t want to pay to check-in and then there’s no room for anyone else. 

I arrived in Japan around 3:30pm and wasn’t too tired. The weather was wonderful and not really humid at all. I was picked up by our family friend’s family in a car and driven to my apartment an hour and a half away. We then ate a small sushi dinner. I am so grateful for all my nice friends!

I didn’t take any other pictures because I was lazy and nothing was really interesting. Maybe I will take pictures of what my apartment looks like later, but it is so messy right now. I’ll write more about my moving in adventures tonight after my first full day here has ended. Thanks for reading! 


One thought on “SFO ✈️ YVR ✈️ NRT

  1. Appreciated reading all about your trip – many thanks! Keep it up!

    All good wishes as you start your summer adventures and Tokyo internship!

    Much love, Grandma

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