First Time Going to Church in Japan

On Sunday I went to various places. Since church service didn’t start until 2pm, I hung around the Aeon mall near the station. The mall has a lot of escalators and is pretty big. I personally prefer the Aeon mall in Akita because there are more stores and more varieties, but this one isn’t bad.

I ended up having KFC for lunch and I only got a fried chicken sandwich because everything else was expensive. Just to eat some a couple of fried chicken pieces in Japan can be like $12. 

After lunch I looked around some more and went to the game center. They didn’t have a lot of the machines I like with cute stuffed animals, but it was okay. I also found a cute pet store that had puppies and one cat. I really wanted to pet them. Pets in Japanese pet stores are ridiculously expensive and pure bred. The orange cat was like $2000. 

The train ride to church was only about 30 minutes away so I got there really early. The station is Ochanomizu and it is cool because they have stores lining the streets with guitar shops. I think people from my church at home would really like it.

I enjoyed the service very much! It is bilingual and everything is translated. The congregation is pretty multi cultural but it was so cool to see Japanese people worshipping because you don’t think of Japan as a Christian nation. It was a church that values worship very much. I think I will go again next week. Hopefully I will talk with people this time.

It is only one station away from Akihabara so I went there to explore a bit. I remember going there in high school and I enjoyed it so much. However, this time not so much. I think if my feet didn’t hurt so much I might have enjoyed trying to find weird and interesting shops. I went to so many game places but they didn’t have the stuffed animals as prizes I wanted. It was just so crowded and there are so many weird things that I just got tired.

For dinner I met my friend from college who is doing the study abroad program I will participate in this fall. I got to eat pasta dinner and see the campus area. Study abroad will be great!

Pretty busy and productive day overall. 


3 thoughts on “First Time Going to Church in Japan

  1. This is really cool! It never really popped into my head what the churches would be like there. My brother and and I planning on visiting next year so I will definitely put a church on my list of places to go!

    1. I will be back in Japan this summer and I will probably continue to go to the church I went to last year. I found another church and went to that one and really liked it. It is called Grace City Church and it is also very diverse and they translate the service. Both churches are good so it might be fun to check out a variety if you are interested. Are you Christian?

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