First Day of Internship

I started my internship on Monday. My hours are from 9:30-5 but I went early for the first day to get acquainted. The office is small, but everyone is nice and there he lots to be done. I am interning at a visa consultation firm in Tokyo and I will do various tasks to help with the processing, as well as learn Japanese business etiquette.

I was a little nervous about the first day. Not so nervous that I was paralyzed, but I had trouble understanding some Japanese when I first got there. Everyone was super nice, but I really hope to get better speaking and understanding. I think once I start I will improve (hopefully). I am praying that I have more confidence in my skills that God has given me and to not listen to the thoughts in my head that are negative about myself.

The first task the other intern and I did was input data into the US DS-160 form system online. This form basically just helps people obtain a visa to go to the US. I really enjoy data entry and I feel accomplished doing this task, even though it is small. It helps me make sure to double check my work and be efficient and accurate.

For lunch we went to a cute cafe and I ordered curry. The area is a business area so lots of men in suits crowd around eating places.

The day went by so fast. After work I went home and on the way, stopped at a supermarket to get food. I love the supermarkets because they have food that I actually want to eat. I forced myself to get some lettuce to make a salad so I can eat a vegetable. 

I’m so happy to be working here and I hope to continue to grow as the weeks go on. 


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