Company Welcome Party and Karaoke 

On Tuesday after work, the whole office held a party to welcome us. It was super sweet and cute. The office is small and everyone knows each other very well. Several people sat next to us and talked to us. I felt very welcomed and loved!

I had my first alcohol here because the drinking age is 20. Everyone was super nice and checking to make sure I was okay. I told them I like sweet stuff so the first one they gave me was ume-flavored. The second one was something mixed with orange juice made by the president himself. I learned that my face gets hot and that my face turns red. I had makeup on but if I didn’t I would be super red. 

After the delicious party we went to a nearby karaoke place. It was so much fun and everyone’s voice was really good. I was surprised that everyone had at least a passable voice. They kept ordering drinks for us (I just drank juice) and I can’t count how many rounds of drinks (most people don’t drink too much alcohol at this office) they ordered. It is very common for Japanese companies to socialize after work in order to create synergy and improve company productivity. Many companies set up a budget for this type of activity. They only go out to karaoke a few times a year together they said.

I ate some ice cream at the place and it was really good. We didn’t order any food this time, but I usually like to when I go to karaoke.

I sang many songs and apparently they were impressed that I knew many Japanese songs because they requested that I sing some songs for them. Everyone is super cute and I hope to do many more things to get to know my co-workers.

I am so blessed to be in an environment that is very supportive, fun, and patient with my poor Japanese skills. I am enjoying the work that I am doing and I feel that I am making a contribution, even though small. Many interns say that they feel they are given busy work, but we actually get to fill out applications and do things to help people get visas, so it is really cool. I feel like I know the person’s life history after filling out their application.

Tomorrow is Friday and then I will enjoy the weekend.


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