Quick Visit to Ginza

I have finished one week of my internship! It was a really good first week although I don’t know how much my Japanese is going to improve honestly. I don’t really talk much at work because they usually just give me my task assignment and then I will say a few remarks and then I do it. Most of the work is in English or some minor translation into English. I should try to hang out with Japanese friends who don’t speak English or make some so I can practice more.

I will say that I am super glad I have taken translation courses in college. I feel the vocab and the overall theory I have learned have been beneficial. Although I do not translate intense things because my Japanese is not that good yet, I have the skills to manage what they give me. I’m also happy that I have a lot of computer knowledge to carry out office tasks. I know how to manage Word, Excel, Outlook, and do basic photo editing to complete things efficiently without asking too many questions. Thankfully I also learned how to type correctly in the 1st grade so I can type super fast.

After work the other intern and I went to Ginza. It was only like a 10 minute walk away from the office. We went to ドン•キホーテ which is a mega discount store filled with everything you will ever need. I believe I blogged about it last year. I picked up a few things and resisted the urge to buy unnecessary things/practical things that were unnecessarily cute and more expensive. I will definitely go back and stock up on Japanese products. 

Honestly, I like the one in Akita better than the Ginza one. The Akita one is way more spread out, has more selection, and has restaurants and other stores in it. I think it is because Akita is less condensed so things aren’t so crowded. This one was still fun though and I got this cute cream. It was 1,000¥ and I’m super cheap and usually don’t pay this month for moisturizing cream, but I liked it. It will make your skin whiter apparently though.

After buying our necessities we went shopping quickly. I didn’t buy anything and just enjoyed the posh atmosphere. I tried to find the Matsuzakaya department store with the Forever 21 and Liz Lisa, but I learned that it closed and will reopen next year.

I’m happy I can relax this weekend! Read my next post which will have much more interesting photos to see my weekend adventure.

Main street of Ginza 


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