The Imperial Palace

Last Sunday I went to a different church. I had absolutely nothing wrong with the last one and I’m still considering to go back, but this church was also recommended to me by my friend. The location is a bit closer so transportation is a bit cheaper, and the area around it is very accessible because it is close to Tokyo station and a place I’m very familiar with (Chiyoda area). Unlike the last church, worship and the message is completely in Japanese. They have translations for the Japanese text and English speakers can wear headphones and listen to the message translated. It is good practice for my Japanese and I’m trying to pick up Bible and faith words. They also have a Gospel style choir and they performed a song I knew!

After church I explored the area because the weather was so nice. I love the Tokyo Station and Chiyoda area. The buildings are way more spread apart and it looks high class. You can see fancy cars and people who try to look like they have high status frequent the area. 

I went to the Imperial Palace because it is so pretty and I haven’t been since high school. Going in was closed because it was a little late, but it was still fun. You can’t go on the grass, but in the spot across from the palace you can do anything you want on the grass.

There are a lot of nice sitting areas. I found a nice one with water fountains and a nearby modern restaurant. I think I will sit here sometime and enjoy a snack.

I tried to find Character Street in Tokyo Station but I kept messing up because I’m super directionally challenged and I couldn’t find it. Will try again next week! 


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