Watching a Murder Trial and Shopping in Downtown Disney

Today wasn’t the typical work day, as you can see by the title. In the morning, we didn’t even go to the office. Instead, we met at the station to walk together to visit the Tokyo courthouse. At the meeting place, we saw TBS filming. I love Japanese TV because they like interviewing random everyday people on the streets about various topics. I saw so many people turn down the chance to be on TV because they had to go to work or were too shy. I guess it is pretty common in the city so it is not a big deal to people.

Our co-workers took us to the Tokyo courthouse to get a taste of the Japanese legal system. It was very interesting especially since the other intern wants to be a lawyer. The case we saw was a murder trial. There were four young men who apparently were involved in a knifing of some sort. I had an extremely hard time understanding the Japanese. I wish I could comprehend complex subjects but I’m not there yet.

The court was really cool and I sort of want to see what an American trial is like. In the courthouse entrance, they have a list of all the cases that will happen that day. I suspect a lot of important things go down in that building.

After work I stopped by the “Downtown Disney” of Tokyo Disneyland which is a mall called Ikspiari. Part of the mall is just a regular mall, but there’s another part that is Disney themed and a small street that looks like an old American one. I ended up buying shoes that I’ve been seeing for a bit because they lowered the price.

I also went into the Disney store and they had so many cool things that aren’t sold in America. They have a lot of Tsum Tsum that I wanted to buy but I don’t need so I refrained. There was also a cool Alice and Wonderland exhibit that you could take photos. 

The mall was fun and now that I have a commuter card, I can go for “free” because it is between work and my home station. I can’t wait to go back and look at some more stores!

I always pass this hotel to and from work and it looked pretty, despite the rain. I wish to stay here someday…


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