Field Trip

On Friday we had a big field trip. We left the office in the morning and went back to Tokyo University to participate in their weekly Friday international lounge. It is basically a lunch time where the students can practice their English. A lot of people come, way more than the Japanese and Chinese language tables in my college. Some of the students, especially the grad students, were so good at English and knew intense scientific words to talk about their research and stuff. I had a great time meeting new people and I wish I got their contact info because a lot of them reminded me of my friends back in high school.
After the lunch, we went to the Tokyo National Museum. It contains a lot of cool artwork and artifacts from various historical periods in Japan’s history. I had a good time, but unfortunately my feet seriously hurt so I sat down in a room and relaxed while the others looked around more.

There was an ice cream truck outside the museum ran by a small old grandpa. It was really cute! I decided to get the ramune soft serve.

Before dinner with some company members, we quickly looked at a nearby shrine to kill some time. I obviously didn’t buy any thing, but it was a good place to rest while looking at some garden.

Dinner was a “traditional” meal in a Japanese izakaya. The guy that introduced us to the restaurant goes there every day or something, so he knows everyone there very well. It was a good time and I loved getting to know my co workers more and speak more Japanese, but last night my stomach hurt for some reason. Maybe I’m not used to the food? It was very strange but luckily I feel better for the weekend. 


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