Shopping in Harajuku and Shibuya

I went shopping at my favorite places yesterday. I went when it was really hot and crowded, so I personally don’t want to go to Harajuku again unless it is cool (probably go at night next time). Shibuya is ok when it is hot because there are more indoor shopping placed.

Before shopping, I ate Italian food by myself because I love pasta and Japanese pasta is good in my opinion.

The pasta place was in Takeshita Street aka the most popular “kawaii” place to shop, so it was convenient. It was fun looking at all the weird cool things, but I didn’t buy anything. Harajuku isn’t quite my style, but I enjoy the atmosphere. The stuff is cheaper than Shibuya, so it is good for young people. 

An intense store with a great shopping atmosphere that overwhelms your soul.

Omotesando Street is close to Takeshita, so I went there next. They have more upscale stores there typically, but they also have Kiddy Land and the Line store. It was my first time in the Line store, so I really enjoyed the cute characters.

I went to Shibuya next because it’s only one station away. I think the fashion in Shibuya is more my style, but it is really expensive. Some of the stuff I would definitely wear, but some I wouldn’t be able to wear in my everyday life. 

I only bought one thing, and it is the “Don’t Look At Me Mask” from Lush. It is 1000¥ and I pretty much only bought it because it is blue. I would never buy a mask this expensive, but because it is summer and I haven’t been buying much, I thought it would be okay. I used it last night and I would say it was worth it. I will probably buy another one or try a different one because it is fun and soothing.

Pretty fun day despite the heat and humidity. 


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