Shinjuku After Work 

Today was a really good work day. After this internship, I can strongly stand by the fact that in my resume under “skills” I said I am proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I’m pretty good at computer stuff, so they often have me translate easy documents and turn it into a fancy table in Word. It is fun and I enjoy it.

After work I went to Shinjuku. The last time I was there I was a sophomore in high school I believe. I went to different parts and not parts I think my grandma would want to stay in.

I really wanted to come here because I knew there was a game arcade with stuffed animal prizes from the company I really like. I tried playing one of the smaller machines twice but didn’t win and gave up. The problem with the machines there was that all the good prizes were the big claw ones that grab and don’t pinch/pick up from the sides. It is hard to explain, but the ones they had aren’t designed really for you to win so I didn’t bother. I wanted to take pictures but I didn’t want to get in trouble, plus I didn’t realize I was in Kabuki-cho aka lots of sketchy bars and massage parlor aka home of the yakuza. 

Kabuki-cho has good entertainment and nightlife but I don’t feel comfortable there personally so I decided to go look at a department store called My Lord. It is known for young female fashion. I think the style is a bit more classy and cheaper than Shibuya, but younger than Ginza. I didn’t buy anything because I didn’t see anything that grabbed my eye that I thought was worth it.

I ate dinner at a restaurant and only got a small sallad because I didn’t want to pay a lot of money. It was basically some giant pieces of lettuce with dressing and bacon, but still good.

An interesting thing that occurred in Shinjuku was that I saw a bunch of police officers surround this one guy. I counted like ten and they were all huddled around him asking him questions and taking photos of him. People were staring. I couldn’t understand what was happening but personally the guy didn’t look threatening, but there are a lot of sketchy people you can never be too sure about…

Tomorrow is Friday so I’m glad that it is almost the weekend.


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