Fantastic Friday

I love Fridays. This Friday in particular was great. I received some work to do on the computer that involved translating the Japanese version of the DS-160 into English. They obviously already have the English one on the American governmental site, but the company gives an online computer one to their clients that is slightly different and aimed for Japanese citizens. They wanted a duplicate in English so I got to learn how to make cool forms and tables on Word. It seems minor and uninteresting but I really like doing anything on the computer. It actually took me 8 hours in total to complete the task, but it was worth it. On Monday I have another similar task, except this form I have to translate is a certification of registration so it is a bit harder. 

After work the company president invited us and other workers to go out to dinner at a local French restaurant. It had a nice atmosphere and I liked the food. I enjoy going out not just because going out is fun, but I finally get to practice Japanese in a long conversation setting instead of just little things we say at work. People don’t talk much at work except at lunch because everyone is busy. When I told everyone I live alone, I think they felt concerned for me and they know I don’t speak Japanese at home, so they made sure that I talked and mentioned things about taking me to places…everyone is so nice and welcoming I don’t know how to react sometimes.

Following dinner we went to karaoke again. Only this time the karaoke was intense and not the usual karaoke. It is a one room bar style and only a group of like 10 can fit in the room. The “Mama” is in the middle and she gives you snacks and alcohol. You apparently have to be invited to karaoke there so it was a cool intimate experience. The president is so good at karaoke. I was really impressed!

I sang a funny song with one of my co-workers who is like an older brother. He suggests cool “hip” places for us to go. He wanted to sing “Judas” by Lady GaGa so I joined him. That song is not the type of music I sing nor is it the type you really sing to–it is more of a dance/club song. It was hilarious and people thought the chorus was funny.

Instead of going home on the train like usual, they paid for us to get a taxi home. I was super shocked and felt bad because taxis cost a lot, but it was also nice because it was raining and late. After seeing and experiencing some creepy men here, I’m more cautious and scared so a taxi was nice. I got to see the beautiful Tokyo lights and go across a bridge. The drive was a bit far because I don’t live in Tokyo. 

I am so thankful for great co-workers who care for my well-being, genuinely want to get to know me, and are willing to truly teach me business skills and help me improve my Japanese. I am blessed to experience this internship and don’t know what I did to deserve such a great summer. Thank you Jesus for protecting me and covering for me when I have low self-esteem and am nervous.

I don’t have any pictures in this blog. I wanted to take a picture with my co-workers but we were too busy. So here is a picture of GiGi, because this blog is GiGi the Neko.


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