I thought it was going to rain today, so instead of finding some typical place to go shopping, I decided to go to an onsen instead. I googled a bunch of places online and I definitely could have gone to a place that is closer and cheaper, but I wanted a good atmosphere to relax in.

I ended up going to Itabashi to a place called さやの湯処 or Saya no Yudokoro. It is about 1,080¥ on the weekends, so really not bad at all. That only gets you into the regular separate onsens by gender. The stone hot bath that is integrated costs another 750¥ I believe and it also allows you to get a yukata-type outfit and go upstairs to where there are more resting rooms. You can also buy food and messages here. I just went with the basics because that’s all I need.

At this place you put your shoes in a locker at the front and you get your key. Everything is charged to your key at the end and they have automatic pay stations before you leave. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to understand the Japanese, but you actually don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to. People don’t talk much here anyways because it is a place of relaxation.

I went into the onsen twice. I love the atmosphere because you can go outside and they have nice scenery. Of course you can’t take photos inside, but there is a garden you can look at but can’t enter in this place.

I went in all the onsen baths: the natural one that had some sort of special thing in it, the one with jets, the one where you can lay down and put your head on a rock, etc. I felt so relaxed and my skin was softer after I went in.

The only thing is I wish there was a couch area where you can nap/watch TV. Then you would be able to stay longer because I can’t stay in the onsen too long or I will get dizzy. I’ve been to places with couches before but it is like $40 or more.

It was a very relaxing Saturday. After the onsen, I came back and did laundry/cleaned my apartment a bit like a pro. Tomorrow I probably will just take it easy. 


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