Sunshine City

I did various things today–it was a good Sunday. In the morning on my walk to the station, I saw this small calico run across the path. I followed it and it hid under the bushes next to the busy road. I tried to coax it out, but it didn’t budge. As I was trying to get the cat to come out, an old man was watching me. I figured he was interested it what I was looking at in the bushes. He motioned for me to come over as he was going to give me something, and I learned that he was trying to give me cat treats! So cute! I think he is a cute grandpa who spends his time in the morning feeding stray cats as he had a whole bag that was pretty much used. I tried to use the cat treats, but the poor thing was just too scared so I have back the cat treats to the grandpa. しょうがない he said. #GrandpaGoals

Cute calico alert

I took the usual train to Tokyo Station and was going to eat lunch on Kitchen Street (it is exactly what it sounds–a mall “street” with lots of restaurants). You really can spend a whole day in Tokyo station because it is huge and there are so many shops. However, before getting there I ran upon Ramen Street, so I decided to eat there instead. Will go to Kitchen Street another time since I always go through Tokyo Station every day. 


Before church I went to the hip mall Kitte. I think it is fairly new, and the architecture is really cool. The stores are expensive, but not as expensive as Ginza. It is young and fashionable, but more classy than Shibuya. They also have a lot of cool eco-friendly and artsy brands. My favorite part is that they have a rooftop garden. Very relaxing with a good view of the station.

Church was good and the series they are going through is about work. Today’s message was about how we should not make our sole goal/purpose in life about work. I talked with someone at church and he is head of the welcoming dinner next month, so I signed up for that so I can meet new people. Too bad that the week after that I have to go home, but I will be back in September! I can’t believe how fast my internship program is going. 

After church I went to Sunshine City, a giant mall in Ikebukuro. Although that’s the name of this post, I didn’t take pictures and I wouldn’t say it was the highlight of my day, but it was still worth going to. They were having huge deals today, but I didn’t find anything I loved. I’m so picky this time around that I’m not buying much at all, but it is okay because I have too many clothes anyways. This mall also has Namja Town (food theme park) and the Pokemon store. I would have gone to Namja Town because they have a gyoza theme, but it is like $30 for entrance and I’m not about to pay that much because I’m cheap.

Starting tomorrow I will stay at a hotel for 5 days because my grandma and mom are visiting so I’m excited. 


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