The Imperial Hotel

This week I have the privilege of staying at the Imperial Hotel because my grandma and mom are in Tokyo visiting. Actually the visit is part of my grandma’s yearly summer tour, and it just so happens that it coincides with my internship. I am incredibly blessed to stay in such a luxurious place with great service, all thanks to my grandma’s 50+ years of hard work. She started from the bottom where hotel managers wouldn’t take her seriously because she was a woman president of a company, to now where she gets complimentary gifts because she has blessed them with her loyalty and business.

You don’t have to stay at a fancy hotel to enjoy Japan or any travel for the matter, but if given the opportunity, I would recommend the Imperial Hotel. I know I’m super biased and it probably is a bit boring for maybe the younger people, but I like it because it is central to most Tokyo locations, has classy service, and is very sentimental to me. I have met many of my grandma’s friends with whom I got to practice Japanese with and have had fun memories here. I don’t know when I will get to return here next, but I’m glad I have this chance this week. I hope to work for a hotel like this someday.

My grandma has been coming here so long that she just gets the same room every time. It is nice because it is a corner room. It doesn’t have an amazing view of all the Tokyo lights because it is not that high up, but it is so spacious inside. The bathroom is like….the size of my apartment.

The night I came to the hotel after work I ate Korean food for dinner. I’m happy to eat regular food instead of convenience store food for a change. I don’t eat real meat too much because I’m too cheap and too lazy to cook in my small apartment. I’m not a real adult here yet in Japan I guess. 

This week at work has been fun. I’m enjoying translating stuff and learning lots of new vocab. I’m getting better understanding and speaking. I can speak better with my coworkers at lunch and understand the conversations. By the time I get good, I will have to leave Japan. Although I will be back for 3 months, I’m worried I won’t improve because all my classes are pretty much in English and I will probably hang around too many Americans…although I like school friends, I have to force myself to make friends that don’t speak English so I can really improve.

Another work day tomorrow. I’m happy to relax here after work.


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