Good Eats

I love living at a hotel. I wish I could do it forever, but I am thankful for the time I have here. I wish I could spend more time relaxing at the hotel, but I am enjoying my work at the internship. We are translating stuff non-stop and I sometimes feel so unqualified, but I have been improving in my vocab and whatnot.

We have been eating at the hotel a lot because it is convenient for my grandma since she can’t walk that far. We eat at the Parkside Dinner in the Imperial Hotel and it is a bit expensive for what I eat, but it is definitely not the most expensive out there. Plus my grandma gets a coupon because she is a travel agent so that is always nice.

Cobb salad which was way too big for me. I should have gotten the small.

My grandma’s meal came with a dessert and the server told us that it was “yogurt,” but it was actually vanilla bean ice cream.

My grandma’s tour always has a farewell dinner at the end of the tour, and it is usually Western because the clients get tired of Japanese food. I chose the steak as the main course and it was the perfect size for me. I also appreciate the meat because I don’t eat like this by myself here.

Really good farewell dinner dessert. For some reason the jelly tasted like alcohol to me…the yogurt underneath was super milky flavored.

Good eats all around! Tomorrow I’m going to Tokyo Disneyland with my mom after work. I also found out I’m going with my family friend next month because she has two tickets. There are so many more places I want to go to in Tokyo     and I won’t have time this trip to see them all because practically all my weekends are booked up. I will do my best to explore more when I come back but I have school so I don’t know how that is going to go. I’m just happy to be here.


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