Things that make me happy in Japan:

  1. Empty trains
  2. Getting a seat anywhere on the train, unless it is next to someone creepy
  3. Getting on a 快速 train (rapid) so I can get to my destination faster
  4. When my laundry dries very well outside without smelling weird or being crinkly
  5. Family Mart fried chicken 
  6. When I understand everything a shopkeeper or server says 
  7. Whenever I have intelligible conversation in Japanese with minimal confusion 
  8. Getting to know my co-workers at lunch, at after work parties, or at karaoke
  9. When there are no creepy men in my proximity
  10. Summer shopping deals
  11. The new Yamanote line
  12. Japanese toilet spray and music maker so no one can hear you in public restrooms 

Things that make me sad in Japan:

  1. Not being able to understand things or express myself the way I would like, only to later think of something I could have said
  2. Not being able to understand things and then getting strange looks/annoyed faces when it is busy from the shopkeepers because I look like a typical Japanese adult in business clothes who should know basic things 
  3. Creepy males in my proximity who may or may not talk to me
  4. The fact that they raised the price of Family Mart fried chicken from 155¥ to 180¥
  5. Getting blisters because my shoes are not for the walking life in Japan and it is really starting to get hot and humid so blisters are more likely to form
  6. Bugs that come into my apartment because it is much cooler in here
  7. The fact that I haven’t seen really any cats yet 
  8. Every day here you see that a train has been delayed because of a “person injury” and it is so heartbreaking 
  9. I’ve wasted a total of maybe $10 so far on claw games and I haven’t won anything yet
  10. The local stray cat ran away from me again and I stood out in the rain waiting for it to come out while my laundry risked getting wet and it didn’t say hi


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