Odaiba Part Two

On Saturday after my mom and grandma left, I went back to Odaiba for a bit. I decided to go in the evening so I could rest for a bit since I was not feeling well that weekend. 

I wanted to go to Divery City again because it is a nice mall and sales start in July in Japan. They had a lot of great sales, including 50% in stores like American Eagle, but I haven’t been finding anything I truly love lately. I did buy one thing at Zara, which is a duster waistcoat that I’ve been looking for. The original price was around $80, but I got it for $40. 

After that my friend from college suddenly messaged me and he decided to come to Odaiba to hang out with me. It was really nice and I showed him around Venus Fort and the Toyota Model House. I was a bit too tired to look around another mall despite how much I love the atmosphere, but that’s okay. I will come back in the fall.

Before dinner, we decided to go on the ferris wheel. It was about $10 and I think the complete ride is 15 minutes. It is good to go at night because you get great views of all the pretty lights.

We also went to a game center and my friend was so kind enough to donate $10 so that I could try to win an alpaca. He helped me try but it was so hard so we decided to give up. I even asked the shop keeper for hints but the type of game is annoying because it’s the claw machine where the prize is hanging on a bar that has some sort of sticky substance on it to keep it from falling. I was so sad but my friend said it was okay. 

I slept really well that night and now I’m feeling much better. 


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