Shibuya 109 is a Dangerous Place

I went shopping afternoon yesterday to avoid the heat, but it was still hot. I didn’t go to church yesterday because I was still feeling bad so I slept most of the day. I’m feeling better so I guess it worked.

In July all the summer sales start in Japan, so I was happy to go to Shibuya 109 where all the trendy Japanese stores are. Everyone yells constantly in there and it is quite overwhelming. There are always sales and special time sales and it is so crazy. It really is a dangerous place if you have a shopping problem, but lucky for me my cheapness is stronger than my desire to buy things. If I were rich I would totally go crazy in there, but there’s just nothing that I need. I have too many clothes and a lot of the stuff is overpriced because they are “designer” brands.

The one thing I really do like about Shibuya 109 other than its obvious cuteness and trendy styles, is the purse store I always go to. I bought my blue purse from that store last year for maybe $30 and it is the only purse I use. I use my bags until they fall apart. The quality is really good and the styles are cute for an affordable price, unlike the Samantha Vega line. The Econ side of me wanes to buy a bunch and sell them in the US for much higher where you cannot get such cute styles, but that would involve major luggage space which I do not have.

They were having a 50% of sale and I got another blue purse. It was originally $40 and I got it for around $20. What a steal! I will take it home and won’t use it until the current one I own breaks. I’m considering buying more blue purses when they restock and if it is cheap and if I like the style. I like stocking up on things I know I will use that I can’t get in the US. Maybe I should get other colors…

I stuck a really cute Disney charm I bought at Tokyo Disneyland for 890¥. It is so adorable and so me. They have all the Disney princess dresses. The bottom is a cell phone cleaner. I might get more when I go to Disney Sea to put on various things. I’m a sucker for cute key chains, and that’s basically all I but when I go to touristy places.


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