Do You Work or Play?

I am very used to my working life now. I don’t live a “real” adult life because I don’t have to completely provide for myself financially, cook full meals while living in this apartment, or work complete regular office hours, but I’m used to waking myself up super early and walking myself to the station to board a busy train. I know my life is still new so everything is relatively exciting, but I’m really enjoying my time here.

My morning commute was normal, but the train was exceptionally crowded. There were a couple of other foreigners who were on the train going to Disneyland which is the next stop, and they were very overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do when people kept piling in. I heard the guy say, “At least it is only one stop.” I have to stay on that train until the last stop when the line ends, but luckily a lot of people get off mid-way and the train empties and usually I can get a seat. Today I was squished between so many people. I now always try to put my back to a woman and face a man to lessen the chances of getting groped by a pervert. I’m so paranoid and nervous that I try to look super serious and mean whenever I’m squished between so many men. I appreciated the guy next to me who put his hands up higher when I had to squish next to him. A considerate man will do that when it is a crowded train so as to not make the women or others feel uncomfortable because usually the place your hands are when you hold your bag are near awkward places and they don’t want to get falsely accused of groping. 

Work continued as normal as we have been working hard to translate this document into Japanese. I’m getting a lot better at writing in Japanese and have been improving my vocab quite a lot. I also think my listening is getting better, but there is still room for a lot of improvement. I think my speaking is slightly better, but I have a long way to go. 

I did get to do something different today. We are starting interviews for people who want to apply to the internship program we help host. We have to interview people via Skype and test their English. It was easy and pretty interesting. Today’s applicant was really good at English. Everyone says they want to be a “bridge between Japan and America” and I realize I use that too when I talk about my future goals. However, a lot of them say that phrase too much and it doesn’t have too much substance to it because it doesn’t show a specific Japan-America issue that you are interested in, so I hope to edit that answer next time I apply for something and talk about my interests.

After work we had a welcoming party for a new staff member. It was just like our’s, and the food was really good. I really love the company and everyone in it. I am so blessed and happy to be a part of it, even if it is just for two months.


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