PomPomPurin Cafe

After work yesterday I went to Harajuku to see if there were any good sales. Most of the stuff in Harajuku is already fairly cheap, so there weren’t a ton of sales that caught my eye. Plus it is not my style anyways, but I had a lot of fun looking at interesting things and exploring new/old places. It was nice to go in the afternoon because it was cool and not as crowded like on weekends.

I mainly came to go to a character cafe. I chose the PomPomPurin Cafe. I wrote about it on my work’s blog in English and Japanese. If we are Facebook friends I shared the link of it on my timeline, so if you want please read it! I’m trying really hard to get better. I make a lot of silly mistakes and still write like an elementary school student, but oh well.

I thought the cafe would be super expensive, but it was actually reasonable. I had the beef stroganoff for 990¥. I don’t eat breakfast really except small things and my office pays for my lunch, so it is okay if I splurge a little on food. I’ve been spending most of my money this time on different Japan experiences instead of buying things.

The food was good and it was really cute. Instead of beef stroganoff with noodles, it was with colored rice that was in the shape of PomPomPurin’s head. I really enjoyed this cafe and the nice atmosphere. Service was a little slow, but I guess it takes awhile to make cute food. Usually the line is out the door on weekends, but there was no line when I went. There’s another character cafe in the same building that is also cute. Would definitely recommend to go to a cafe like this at least once while in Japan.

I also went to Harajuku to go to Louis Vuitton Espace, an art exhibit in a Louis Vuitton store on Omotesando. The store is so beautiful and has so many different floors. The products are amazing and if I were rich, Louis Vuitton is the one designer that I think the designs are not too weird. The shopkeepers look at me strange because I think they know I won’t buy anything.

The 7th or 8th floor is Espace. They change the exhibit every month or so. I thought this exhibit would give access to the beautiful glass room with a view, but this exhibit was different. It was by a French artist who makes very eccentric films. There is a dark room where you can view his 2 hour long film. I watched a bit and it was super weird, but after reading the description online, I still think it is weird, but seems super deep and artsy. It is on Amazon Prime so I will try to watch it one of these days. I will come back to this exhibit because it was a good experience.

Whoops, I didn’t know no photos were allowed.

I am enjoying going to places independently! 


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