Japan’s Machu Picchu 

This past weekend I went on an adventure. I flew to Itami Airport (Osaka) with some co-workers for a weekend getaway. I am so thankful to have gone on this fun trip!

I woke up at around 4AM because we had to meet at Haneda Airport at 7:10. I had never been by train and I knew it would take about an hour, so I wanted to be awake early. I didn’t sleep much at all because I was super itchy. It turns out that I developed hives. I have no idea why I got it but it was super inconvenient because no one wants to be sick on vacation and in a foreign country.

The flight was only an hour and it was nice to sleep on the bus right after we left the airport. Our tour was nice and the tour guide was very energetic. The first and only place of the day was Takeda Castle ruins, or “Japan’s Machu Picchu.” You will see why it is called that when you look at the pictures. I didn’t take amazing photos because you need a drone to do that, but it was pretty and the weather was not bad. The walk was not bad personally, but it would be a struggle for let’s say, people like my parents. Actually the whole tour was kind of a “hike,” so I was glad for the exercise. 

We stayed in Okayama Prefecture at a hotel next to a massive Aeon mall. Although we were in a city, it definitely has a different feel than the busy city of Tokyo. It was nice to get away. Our hotel was a budget hotel, but it was still nice. I kept thinking about all the comments my grandma would make if she would have stayed there. I wanted to go see the mall, but my hives were out of control and my co-worker was worried, so she took me to a hospital.

I am so grateful for her being concerned about me and it was good to not go to a doctor alone. I got to experience the god Japanese health care and practice some Japanese. I got normal allergy medicine which I should have had just on my own. I still don’t know why I got hives.

For dinner we had an amazing steak dinner at a teppanyaki place. They don’t do fun tricks like in the States, but it was so delicious. 

It was a great first day despite my unfortunate allergy. Part two coming soon!


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