Shimbashi Festival | 新橋の祭り

Yesterday five of us from the office went to the Shimbashi festival. There are summer festivals like this all over Japan in practically any city. There are various different food stands, games for children (or adults), entertainment, etc. Although only a few of us came this year, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad I was able to bond with my co-workers because next week will be our last week of this internship. I can’t believe how fast time has flown and I’m really going to miss everyone here in this office. 昨日会社からの五人で新橋の祭りに行きました。このような祭りは日本中のほとんどの町にあり、様々な食べ物、子供のゲーム(または大人)、演芸などもあります。今年は五人しか来ませんでしたが、来週はインターンシップの最後週なので、同僚と仲良くなって本当に良かったです。アッという間に時間が過ぎたと信じられなくて、みんながいなくて本当に寂しい思いをしています。

We first found the main eating place and got a table to share typical festival food (beer, takoyaki, yakitori). As we were eating, we got to see people perform a dance that apparently everyone in the area knows. It was cool to see all types of people, from grandmas wearing kimono to salary men in suits, perform the dance around the stage. We also got to see a famous professional enka singer perform. Her kimono was so pretty and I really liked all the songs she sang. She is also from Akita, but I don’t remember what her name was. 最初は食べ物の広場を見つけて、テーブルで一般的な祭りの食べ物(ビール、たこ焼き、焼き鳥)を分かち合いました。食べる間に、現地の住人の踊りを見て、着物を着ているおばあさん、スーツを着ているサラリーマン、あらゆる年齢の人々がステージの周りにダンスをするのがとても素敵でした。それに、有名なプロ演歌の歌手の出演も見ることができ、着物がとても綺麗、歌った歌を楽しみました。歌手の出身は秋田ですが、名前を覚えていません。

After eating we were supposed to go to a rooftop beer garden, but it was raining so we decided that we would just eat and drink in karaoke, which was awesome for me because I’m always down to do karaoke. On the way to the place we stumbled upon a claw machine filled with alpacas. One of my co-workers graciously paid and put 500¥ in the machine, and we took turns trying to win it. This claw machine is really good because it is actually strong enough to grab the alpacas by the neck. However, it is not part of a very active game arcade so all the alpacas are stuffed together in bad positions and there is no attendant you can ask to reset it. Amazingly, my senpai won a brown one and gave it to me! I’m so thankful and happy that we were able to win something. So far I have acquired two new alpacas in Japan. 食べた後屋上ビール庭園に行く予定でしたが、雨が降っていたので、カラオケで飲食することになり、私は嬉しかったです。カラオケに行き途中で偶然アルパカッソのユーフォーキャッチャーを見つけました。一人の同僚が機械に500円を快く入れて、私たちは交代で取ってみました。実はこの機械は腕が強くて、強さがアルパカの首を取ることができます。しかし、このゲームセンターはあまり人気がないので、アルパカのぬいぐるみたちが全部押しつぶされ、リセットして頂く店員さんがいません。驚くばかりに、スーパー先輩が茶色のアルパカッソに勝って、私にくれました。ユーフォーキャッチャーで何かを取れて嬉しいです。今まで日本では新しいアルパカのぬいぐるみを二つ取得しました。

Karaoke was fun as usual. We ordered food for everyone to share and sang for a few hours. We decided to turn on the point scoring system to see how well we sing. Surprisingly my highest score was 94 points. Because it was only five of us, we felt comfortable singing weirder songs and I was able to scream/sing some Golden Bomber songs with a co-worker. If you don’t know who Golden Bomber is, go watch some of their videos on YouTube because they are amazing. カラオケでは分かち合うための食べ物を注文して数時間に歌い、いつものように楽しかったです。得点のシステムを使うことになり、私の一番高得点は94点でした。五人しかいなくて、変な歌を気楽に歌い、同僚と一緒にゴールデンボンバーの歌を歌いました。ゴールデンバンバーを聞いたことがない場合は、YouTubeで見てください!

Another good outing after work! This weekend will also be filled with good adventures. また楽しい活動に参加しました!この週末にも楽しめます。


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