Farewell Party

I can’t believe today was our farewell party at our internship. It seems like just yesterday that I was introduced to everyone at the office. I feel truly honored and blessed to be a part of this small office tucked away in the busy area of Shimbashi. Everyone has been very welcoming and patient with my poor Japanese skills. Although we still have the rest of the week left, our farewell party was at lunch today because the boss and our internship coordinator are leaving for a business trip this week. 今日は送別会だったとは信じられません。会社でみんなに紹介させたのはほんの昨日のことみたいです。新橋という人通りの多い場所にしまい込まれている小さい会社でインターンシップに参加すること機械を名誉に思います。みんなは歓迎してくれたり、私の悪い日本語を辛抱したりしました。まだ今週の残りの間インターンシップをやっていますが、社長さんと私たちのインターンシップのコーディネーターが二人で出張しますので、今日は送別会を行うことにしました。

At lunchtime we all walked as an office to a very fancy restaurant on one of the top floors of the Atago Hills building, which is one of those giant skyscraper buildings. The restaurant was absolutely beautiful and the service was great. There were many lounge areas with a great view of the city. I am really getting into beautiful tall buildings with great views since coming to Japan. 昼食時間になったら、みんな会社で愛宕ヒルズという超高層の43階にある高級なレストランに行きました。すごく綺麗で、サービスも良かったです。ラウンジの所もあり、素敵なビューです。日本に来てから、よく見えるビューがある超高層にはまっています。


The appetizers was a buffet style and there was a mix of Western and Japanese food. The main courses were Italian and I chose to have the pasta. The portions were small but a perfect size for me since I can’t eat much. The desserts were also super cute and tiny and my favorite was the mini cheesecake. 前菜はバイキング方式、様々な和洋食があり、メイン・ディッシュはイタリア料理でした。パスタを選び、量が少なかったけど、あまり食べられないのでちょうどよかったです。デザートも小さくてとてもかわいい、好きなのはミニチーズケーキでした。

I enjoyed talking to my co-workers and I wish I could have talked with them more, but I’m thankful for social media where we can keep in contact. I feel bad that my Japanese is not amazing and I often have trouble understanding and/or jumping into the conversion and I get quite shy in Japan, but everyone is very nice to me and I have been getting better, but it is just really slow. 同僚と一緒に話すのを楽しんで、もっと話せばよかったですが、ソーシャルメディアで連絡できることに感謝しています。日本語が下手、あまり分からなかったり会話について行くのに苦労したりすること、内気、を後悔していますが、みんな優しくしてくれます。私の日本語がちょっと上達になりますが、進歩が遅いと思います。

Another surprise about the lunch was that my boss gave us each cute necklaces with our names on them. It was so kind and I did not know what to say. Whenever I wear it I will remember all the good times I’ve had during my first internship experience! 他のサプラーイズは、社長さんから名前の形をした可愛い首飾りをもらいました。優しすぎ、何と言っていいか分かりませんでした。このネックレスを着けると、初めてのインターンシップの経験を思い出します。

After the lunch we walked to a nearby shrine. We had to walk up a lot of steep steps, but I was fine despite wearing mini heels. I was able to walk really fast and it was a great leg workout! The shrine was nice and there was even a beautiful koi pond to view. Unfortunately, I ended up getting bitten by mosquitoes six times on my leg…I don’t understand why they always bite me. 昼食の後、隣に位置している神社を歩きました。球春な階段をたくさん登り、短いハイヒールを履いても全然大丈夫でした。早く登れ、いい足の運動でした。神社は美しくて、綺麗なコイの池もありますが、残念ながら蚊に足を六回刺されました。いつも刺された理由が分かりません…

Finishing up this last week will be very sad, but I’m happy to have met all these wonderful people and I can say I have many more friends in Japan now. Thank you God for preparing me all these years to tackle this internship; I don’t know why a girl like me would deserve such an experience. 


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