Last Day of Internship

I can’t believed I finished my first internship! It certainly did not feel like eight weeks. I am very sad to leave the office and all of the people in this wonderful company, but I am excited to go to Akita next week.

We went to work as usual on the last day, except we ended up going out for most of the work day. We were supposed to go back to Tokyo University to participate in the English conversation lunch, but they are now on summer break. An office supervisor then suggested that we go to Kyu-Iwasaki Tei in Ueno, but I had already been there and it was super hot and you have to walk a lot to get there. So we decided to go to Odaiba since you can easily take the Yurikamome from Shimbashi. We were supposed to go to the Miraikan, but we ended up eating ramen and window shopping in Venus Fort. I think they didn’t want to give us any new work because it was the last day, so we just relaxed.

Odaiba was fun as usual, and although we didn’t go to the museum, it was fun going back to Venus Fort. I personally prefer the shopping elsewhere, but I just love the atmosphere. I still want to go the museum once when I come back in the fall because it seems very similar to the Tech Museum (except much larger and more intense) in San Jose that I used to go to very often as a child.

I was super happy that I got to see the projected fireworks on the ceiling of Venus Fort. I’ve been wanting to see it and I’m thankful that I got to check that off my list!

I ended up having Pinkberry there as well. It is kind of expensive and the portions are smaller, but they were having a deal where the small size price gets you the medium size, so I got to save money and get a bigger size. It has been really hot lately so I’ve been eating more sweet stuff.

We went back to the office around 3, and I spent the rest of the time cleaning up. When it was time to go, we assembled our good bye gifts and gave it to everyone. Before we left, we were presented with a cute board that everyone signed. They all stood up to congratulate us as we left. I will save it with all of the other boards I have received from my past Japan experiences. Reading the messages makes me so happy and it really will feel weird not going to work next week. I’m thankful for social media so that I can still keep in touch with some people.

Thanks to anyone who has been reading about my time during this internship! It really means a lot! Sorry I didn’t not attempt to translate this post because it is very hard to switch between apps on an iPhone and I did not bring a computer this summer.


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