After church I went to Yokohama for the first time. My friend recommended that Minato Mirai is fun and the pictures online looked pretty, so I decided to check it out even though it is about an hour train ride from Tokyo Station. I personally don’t think it is my favorite spot in Tokyo out of all the places I’ve been this summer, but I’m glad I went.

Like Odaiba, Yokohama is a man made island. There are many fun attractions for young people, and Minato Mirai is one of them. It consists of several shopping areas, Cosmo World (amusement park), museums, etc. I particularly wanted to see Cosmo World at night even though I knew I wouldn’t go on any rides because all the attractions light up.

Because I went after church and by the time I got there, it was way past dinner time so I was in a bit of a bad mood. The shopping malls were nice and one (Landmark’s Plaza) even has a Pokemon Center, but I was hungry so I couldn’t focus on looking around too much. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that I really wanted and I was tired of walking, so I just settled for fast food.

Walking along the water looking at the lights was so pretty. Cosmo World looked super fun even though I’m not particularly into roller coasters. There is not an entrance fee but you have to pay maybe 500¥ per attraction. It was fun just walking around and enjoying the scene. 

I hope to return to Yokohama to see some other things and to particularly go to the famous Cup Noodle Museum. I think Yokohama is the type of place where you need to go with someone who really knows the area; it’s not like places like Odaiba where everything is pretty much in a one mile radius of each other. 

Another afternoon well spent. 


2 thoughts on “Yokohama

  1. I agree! I think you need a local to help guide you around the not so touristy spots in Yokohama. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on so much!

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